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Overused Internet Marketing Trends

No other industry has a landscape as varied as Internet marketing. With 100 million sites pouring out a constant stream of content, your most ingenious catchphrase can become cliché in a matter of seconds. How many times have the words “laser-targeted,” “no-brainer,” and “scientifically proven” popped out at you while browsing? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably developed the modern skill of filtering them from recent memory.

Whether you like it or not, change is the only constant rule in Internet marketing. You need the occasional shift in strategy to stay in business. If the following  techniques still make up most of your plan, it’s time to change your approach.

Taking it slow

One product site launched three years ago set a pretty humble target: all they wanted for the first year was to rank within the first three pages of Google. Not surprisingly, that’s what they got—and it’s still where they are today. In web marketing, you don’t get very far by taking it slow. You need an aggressive approach like everyone else: set your sights on the top spot and do what it takes to get there.

Link networking

Article submission hasn’t gone out of business, but it’s not just about building links anymore. If you’re submitting articles solely for the incoming traffic, you’re pretty much limited by how well the article directory can get your keywords around. Instead of leaving it all to the bots, do your own keyword research and work on improving your content.

The “guru” approach

If you’ve read enough spam, you’ll notice that the Internet is littered with self-proclaimed gurus: weight loss, interior design, personal finance, you name it. But it’s not so much the term as the way it finds itself into many unwilling inboxes. Often, gurus from entirely different lines of business share a common mailing list, and as a result, one or both parties target the wrong market. If you’re going into email marketing, gather your own contacts from ethical research.

Targeting search engines

You can earn a living from search engine traffic alone, but it’s an unnecessarily long road to success. It’ll take you at least two years of constant work to make a profit; most people barely get enough for the site to pay for itself. Make search engines a big part of your campaign, but throw in a healthy mix of blogging, email marketing, and promotion. And as is the point of this article, keep your eye open for market trends, and be ready to adjust accordingly.

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