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A Better Web Design and Development Process

Quality web projects take careful planning and flexibility. Our process is guided by our clients schedule and time-line. We begin by listening to your ideas and objectives. We then work with you to formulate those ideas into concepts that provide quality results. We seek to have your team involved in the development process, from Discovery through Delivery.


In the Discovery phase we concentrate on listening to our clients. Specifically, learning about our clients product, business team, and their target market enable us to begin the creative process. Together we define objectives and potential challenges. Discovery is an essential aspect to a successful project.


The Design phase is when AB Strategic’s creative minds work together to bring our written objectives to visual fruition. It really is more fun than it sounds! We start with wire frames on sketch paper and white-boards. Our brainstorming sessions eventually work their way to design software. Every design is uniquely created by our team. Often times we present our progress to your team for review before transitioning to the next phase of our process, development..


Once approved, our designers deliver the final concepts to our programmers so they can develop a functional website. It’s not uncommon for our designers to work directly with our developers to ensure key functionality is integrated properly. All our our websites are Web Standards compliant and search engine friendly.


What’s a new website worth if it doesn’t get noticed? A new website should work for you! The display phase concentrates on the search engine readiness of your website. We focus on improving the reach of value-added keywords pertaining to your business. This includes optimizing page-titles, meta tags, and interactive media on your website. Nothing is overlooked because every “little” aspect is essential to the success of organic search engine results.


All websites are tested for bugs before officially being released. This includes ensuring that every page displays as designed in every major Internet browser (Internet Explorer 6/7/8, Firefox, Safari) so nothing is lost in translation. After receiving final approval from our client we release the website live on the Internet. This does not mean our relationship is over. It’s just the end of a phase. We’ll continue to work together to improve the reach of your website.