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The Other 8 Hours and AB Strategic

The Other 8 Hours and AB Strategic

Robert Pagliarini brought AB Strategic on board to assist in the design and development of ‘The Other 8 Hours’ book promotion website. AB Strategic was up to the task.

Robert’s goal was to create a website that engaged readers beyond the book. We worked with ThoughtNozzle to bring Robert’s design ideas to fruition. Site features include the integration of a podcast solution, automated lead generation forms, and custom front-page widgets.

Featured on Good Morning America

The book has been well received by reviewers and the site has seen an increase in traffic each month. We’re happy to announce that Robert was recently featured on Good Morning America to discuss the book (embedded below). Congrats to Robert for being featured on GMA. It was a really fun project for our team to work on.

About ‘The Other 8 Hours’

The Other 8 Hours shows how anyone, anywhere can use even just a few extra minutes each day to make more money and feel more satisfied.
You’ll begin looking beyond your job, your commute, credit cards, or even just that gnawing feeling that life is sometimes passing you by. You’ll get fresh solutions for carving out more time. And you’ll find the inspiration to spend that free time in a more productive way — whether it is starting a business, writing a blog, losing weight, or developing a hobby.

It’s a whole new, clear-headed, do-able way to live life to the fullest. The Other 8 Hours takes you there using stories from my own personal experience. Countless examples of profiles of others. Proven research. And easy self-analysis tools to help you find and implement your own opportunities to get more time, money, and enrichment.

Order your copy now!

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