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What Your Website Colors Say About You

They say your favorite colors say a lot about you. Whether it’s true or not, it certainly holds true for your online business. In a market where people judge websites in the blink of an eye, your choice of colors can either give you a unique advantage or drag you down the ranks.

So does your website accurately portray your business? It all depends on what you’re trying to say. Here’s a quick color guide to help you out.

microsoftredRed: “I know what my customers want, and I make sure they get it.”
Red gives you an image of authority and motion. A red color scheme tells readers that you’re determined to become the best in your field, and that you’re well on your way there. Don’t overdo it, though: too much red suggests you’re overcompensating or hungry for attention.

Blue: “I mean business, and you’re in good hands.”The reason many companies have blue interiors is that it’s known to increase productivity. Likewise, a predominantly blue website tells people that you live and breathe your trade. If you want to tell people that you take your business seriously, blue definitely does the job.
Green: “I’m your fun, friendly neighborhood guy.” We’re starting to see more green websites, partly because of the environmental movement but also because we’re leaning towards a more casual (less corporate) business approach. A green website portrays you as an easygoing entrepreneur who gets along with customers and runs his business with a calm, laid-back attitude.

Yellow: “I inspire people.”
Used in the right shades and with the right colors, yellow can portray you as a friendly business that works towards positive results. But it’s a tricky color: the wrong shade can make you look weak and indecisive, or simply be harsh on the eyes.

251Black/white: “I’m open to new ideas.”
Designers call these two the safest colors on the Web: they go with any other shade, including each other. A black and white website appears open to interpretation and change. Pair them with whatever color fits your business personality for a more lasting visual impact.

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